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One Kingdom Ministries Beyond theVeil

One Kingdom Ministries “Beyond the Veil” School of Ministry is an Apostolic and Prophetic Training Hub developed for Kingdom-minded Believers to take a deeper look into the mysteries of God.

While receiving greater revelation from God concerning the role of the "Bride of Christ," students will be challenged to:
1. SEE with “Godly eyes;”
2. SPEAK with “Godly language;”
3. RELEASE The Holy Spirit through the Prophetic; and
4. APPLY practical applications to live out what's been taught.

Our goal for “Beyond the Veil” School of Ministry is to see lives empowered by The Holy Spirit as we TEACH, TRAIN, and watch God TRANSFORM servants into Sons (Romans 8:14-17).

"Beyond the Veil" School of Ministry is not an accredited, degree-granting educational institution; however, initial steps in seeking accreditation in the near future has begun.

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